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                      New lower delivery charges with guarantee

                      Welcome to a stress free delivery service.

                      • Weights and dimensions not required
                      • No volumising
                      • Unlimited parcels per delivery
                      • Excellent handling of goods
                      • Zero incident rates - any problems we will sort them out
                      • Ground floor deliveries only
                      • Parcels less than 20Kg delivery charge £15 + VAT
                      • Parcels 20Kg or over and less than 40Kg delivery charge £25 + VAT
                      • Parcels greater than 40Kg delivery charge £70 + VAT - 2 Man Delivery - includes all sofas
                      • Delivery within 1 - 7 days
                      • Charges apply per delivery irrespective of number of parcels
                      • For mixed weights the higher rate applies
                      • Congestion rates apply where applicable
                      • Same rates apply for deliveries to trade addresses

                      Frequently asked questions

                      Q: What is the cost of delivering 10 cartons to one delivery address?
                      A: All rates are charged on a delivery basis irrespective of the number of items. As long as all the cartons are less than 20Kg, the charge will only be £15

                      Q: I have 8 items all with varying weights upto 40Kg. How much will this cost?
                      A: Provided no parcel exceeds 40Kg the cost will be £25. This is because you will have at least one parcel over 20Kg.

                      Q: Do you deliver to addresses over 150 miles?
                      A: Provided the address is UK mainland (excludes Highlands and Ireland) we can normally deliver as above with an added £25 surcharge.

                      Q: What is the cost of delivering 12 parcels each 10Kg to different locations?
                      A: Each delivery will cost £15

                      Please note, we reserve the right to change the rates without notice.

                      Please note, Conjestion charge will be applied where applicable.

                      No of cartons

                      Weight (Kg)

                      Distance (Miles)

                      Cost (£)

                      No limit

                      If all cartons less than 20Kg

                      Any distance

                      £15 + VAT

                      No limit

                      One carton between 20Kg & less than 40Kg

                      Any distance

                      £25 + VAT

                      No limit

                      All cartons between 20Kg & less than 40Kg

                      Any distance

                      £25 + VAT

                      No limit

                      Cartons equal to or over 40Kg (2 Man Delivery)

                      Any distance

                      £70 + VAT (includes all sofas)


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                      Heartlands Furniture

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                      T: 0121 565 6750 | F: 0121 565 6751
                      Heartland House
                      Cranford Street
                      Smethwick, West Midlands
                      B66 2QY

                      We are members of FIRA